Vintage Watercolor Painting Series
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Dear all,

Thank you for dropping by!

Do you like vintage memories? Although i was not born in the vintage fusion era, old photos of my parents in old schooled fashions and cutlery or motor vehicles or home appliances evoke a sense of historic times that's passed but memorable. Maybe i spent my childhood near Dakota Crescent where i played around vintage buildings and playgrounds which are no longer around *cry*. I yearn to record memories, and i hope through my sessions, you can come in to record yours too.

I mainly conduct watercolor pieces from scratch, from line drawing (with guide references) all the way to the completed piece. So far i can take 3 students the most per session, as i feel it will benefit you more if i can guide each participant more.

If this interest you, do register with me and Welcome! :)

Thank you,
Jiahui Beamy.

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